Miss Newa 2008

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Miss Newa 2008 is a talent show organized by Nepal Fashion House with motto of spreading newari culture was crowned to contestant No 16 Akasha Bajracharya. National Acadamy Halll where final round was held was full of excitement while Akashya crowned crowed by Mero Mobile Miss Newa 2007, Supriya Tuladhar. Miss Newa 2008 Akasha Bajracharya received cash prize of Rs 25000 from Sunrise Bank.

The first runner up was contestant No.15 Srijana Maharjan who also got a cash prize of Rs 15000. The chief editor of Dristi Weekly gave the cash prize and 1st runner up of 2007 Srada Sherstha crowned Srijana Maharjan.

Shrija Sherstha , contestant No 30 got the second runner up title of Miss Newa 2008. Bhairaja Tuladhar a jury member and advisor of pageant and Bandana Tuladhar, the second runner up of Miss Newa 2007 gave away the title with cash prize of Rs 10000 to 2nd runner up Shrija Sherstha. One of the the supporters told “I was hoping she would win the main title but 2nd runner up is trival deal either.”

Shreeja shrestha
( 2nd runner up of Miss Newa 2008)

The program was formally inaugurated with the chief guest taking their seats as the organizer of the event Hema Manandhar honored them with samaya , Aella (wine)and Khada (shawl).

The president of Vaidya Group of industries Suraj Vaidya was the chief guest at the function while the jury was comprised of 9 important figures. General manager of Prime Commercial Bank, Bhairaja Tuladhar , the president of Avenues television Bhaskar Raj karnikar , the managing director of Panchkanya Group Pradeep Kumar Sherstha . the cartoonist of Himal Khabar Patrika Rabin Sayami , Shasi Pradhan of Annapurna Post, the chairman of Creative Photo Session Studio Narendra Bajracharya CEO of Sunrise Bank Kishor Maharjan, the chairman of Mari gold jewelers and Chanda Bajracharya a Sanskrit Scholar.

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